Sports bra- Know These Points Before Buying

Do you feel confused about the concept of sports bras? Do you want to get one, but don’t know what to expect out of it? Well, to know the answer to your questions and confusions, keep reading.

Why Do You Need A Sports Bra?

While doing gym or other physical activities, like running, playing sports, and more, that can put your body under strain, breasts are the one that gets affected the most. Breast tissues and muscles are soft and tender, which can get affected by the bouncing movement caused while exercising. This can result in pain, muscle tearing, soreness, and even sagging in the breasts over time, due to repetitive bouncing movement. To prevent all this, a sports bra is necessary to wear during physically straining exercises, as they reduce the bouncing movements and keep the breasts in their place. However, even if you’re just doing yoga or going for a walk, a sports bra will make you feel comfortable and secure about your breasts.

These are the points that you must know before getting a sports bra for yourself:

The Support You Want

The sports bra has variants that provide different levels of support to the breast. Depending on the impact of your workout activities, you can select a sports bra that would keep your breasts supported.

For low-impact activities like walking and yoga, low-impact sports bras would work perfectly well. As the body movement is not fast in these activities, a low-impact sports bra will keep you comfortable.

For high-impact activities like workouts, weight training, and running, in which a lot of body movement takes place, a medium or high-impact sports bra would be best. Such types of sports bras come in two different categories- encapsulation and compression- that are made to safeguard your breasts by working in their different ways.

Quick Drying Material

Sports bras fit so closely to your body, and while working out, sweating is inevitable. So, it’s important to get a sports bra that absorbs as well as evaporates the sweat quickly. That’s when you would want to pay attention to the fabric of the sports bra. A sports bra made with cotton/spandex blend will not get the job done, as cotton just soaks up the sweat and sticks to the skin. Get something that’s stretchable and breathable, which draws moisture away from your skin. The fabric must also feel soft on the skin, and even the seams must not feel rough when you wear your sports bra.

Be Aware Of The Features

Features such as wide adjustable straps, fit of the band, and razorbacks in a sports bra are what you should look out for. Wide adjustable straps help in giving you support and comfort. The fit of the band should be right, so it doesn’t rise when you raise your hands in the air. Razorbacks in the sports bra not only look stylish, but they provide extra support, along with the straps, to the breasts.

Get The Right Fit And Cup Size

Your sports bra must fit you a little tighter than your usual bra. But, it should also not feel confining and uncomfortable to move around. Make sure to know your perfect bust size before buying a sports bra. The cup size is important too in a sports bra, as the whole point of a sports bra is to cater to you with the appropriate bust support. It’s wise to know your bra and cup size well before shopping, as not all brands do the sizing of their products in the traditional way. But, if you know your measurements and cup size, you can check the size chart to recognize your true fit.

Choose A Reputed Brand

A sports bra will be used and washed, almost every day, if you work out regularly. Thus, investing in a good and well-made sports bra is essential, as it will be durable for a longer period. Choosing a reputed and trustworthy brand that makes promising sports bras will be great. Everything from the material to the functionality of a sports bra coming from a good brand, even if it’s a bit pricey, is guaranteed to perform its function better than multiple cheap ones.


A person shops for the best clothes for their bodies, so why stay behind when it comes to undergarments. A sports bra stands to be the best to protect and support the breasts. You can shop for sports bras, which are available online in so many styles and designs that it’s become a fashion piece in itself to have in your wardrobe. Decide on the best for the health and well-being of your body by choosing a sports bra.

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