How to Choose The Best Face Wash for Acne?

Choosing a face wash for the people who are having ace is really hard. Because if the product won’t suit your skin then your acne gets out of control for sure. I know you’ve tried different home remedies and methods to cleanse your skin, including face washes and still not satisfied with the results. So no more hiding in your bedroom because of acne. In this article, I’ll mention how to choose the best face wash for acne.

Acne-prone skin is usually oily, which means that there is overproduction of oil from your skin. So, firstly you need to know that acne-prone skin needs cleansing. But not over cleansing. Because over cleansing can increase your acne. It is very important to know how, when, and what to cleanse your skin with.

What is a cleanser?

A cleanser is a skincare product that removes dirt, dust, makeup residue and excess oil from your face. Cleansing is the basic step in any skincare routine. We usually repeat this over and over again. This is because cleansing prepares your skin for the next set of skincare products.

How to choose a facewash for acne-prone skin?

Consider the following before choosing a facewash for acne-prone skin.

  1. Make sure it suits your skin:

An ideal face wash should suit your skin well and be non-comedogenic (tending to produce acne) . It should not be oil based or heavy.

2. The face wash should deeply cleanse rather than over cleanse:

A face wash should work in such a way that it should deeply cleanse and not over-cleanse. Over cleansing leads to stripping off your face’s natural oils and disturbs the skin’s natural pH balance. Choose a face wash that does not interrupt the skin’s natural barrier. Make sure that it should not make the skin prone to dust, foreign substances, and bacteria.

3. Does not irritate your skin

Make sure that your face wash does not contain toxic chemicals. Use a face wash that has natural ingredients instead. Also, remember to use a face wash that does not have any kind of exfoliating ingredients in it. Such ingredients can cause irritation and rashes.

4. Gives you a fresh feel

What is the point of a face wash if it cannot give you a perfect clean look? Even though your face wash needs to be gentle on your skin, it should definitely work towards giving you a fresh and clean feel.

5. Know your skin type:

This point is very important. Knowing your skin type will make it easy for you to choose skincare products according to your skin type.

Generally, skin types are broadly classified as:

  1. Normal Skin
  2. Oily Skin
  3. Dry Skin
  4. Sensitive Skin
  5. Combination skin

Best products for acne-prone skin

The following mentioned products are the best face washes for acne-prone skin:

  1. Clovia Botaniqa Anti-Acne Face Wash:

This facewash is very safe to use as it’s made of natural ingredients and contains no parabens or sulphates or any toxic substances. This face wash is made using organic extracts like tea tree oil, vitamin E, and clove oil to control acne and give a perfect clear skin. The rich

combination of natural oils controls breakout and gently treats active acne.

2. Requil oil control and anti acne face wash:

This is one of the best face wash for oily skin. This face wash reduces acne breakouts and treats dead skin cells very gently. This face wash gently cleans the dirt, unclog the pores, and maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

3. Mama Earth facewash for acne & pimples:

This face wash comes with the kind & loving caress of the tea tree that reduces acne and purifies the skin. This face wash soothes inflammation. The salicylic acid present in this face wash exfoliates the top layer and gives visibly clear skin.

Now you have an idea how to choose products for your acne-prone skin. But please be careful before buying. Check out the ingredients and reviews before. Clovia Botaniqa Anti-Acne face wash is such a product that will not disappoint you for sure. And make sure to do a patch test before using it completely.

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