Hair Oils are the Answer to Thicker & Stronger Hair

Hair oils are the answer to thicker and stronger hair and there’s no denying to that. In today’s rushed routine of a modern woman’s daily life, hair care is often neglected and doesn’t get the priority it deserves. One addition to your routine to enhance hair health is oiling it. Other than providing your hair with a source of hydration, oil can also provide the required minerals and vitamins to keep it natural and healthy.

While adding oil to your hair care routine is beneficial, but it is important to know why:

  1. It helps to soften curls:

Compared to regular hair, curly hair dries faster. When it dries, it becomes frizzy and extremely hard to manage. Regularly oiling your hair with coconut oil almond oil or olive oil, can help to manage the frizz and give you soft and bouncy curls.

2. Hydrates the hair:

Hair often loses hydration because it is exposed all the time and this leads to dry hair and extensive hair fall. One of the efficient ways to avoid this is by applying oil on your hair the night before and showering the next day. Doing this three-four nights a week with coconut oil or olive oil will give you the best results.

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3. Nourishes your hair:

Another benefit you get because of oiling your hair is that oil provides vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair health. For example, almond oil has Vitamins B, K and E, Olive oil has Vitamins B12, B6, B3 and Vitamin E.

4. Prevents hair fall:

A good massage with hair oil once a week is extremely important for your hair health. This is because hair oil massage benefits include exfoliation and cleaning off dead skin from the scalp, nourishing, and revitalizing fine hair.

5. Tames frizz:

Applying oil to your hair is a great way to control frizzy hair. On days when your hair seems out of control and frizzy, just rub some hair oil on your palms and run through the hair lightly. This will cause the frizz to settle immediately and also provide the required nourishment to the hair.

In today’s modern world, there’s a hell lot of pollution. And your hair experiences a lot of damage. So your hair definitely needs some extra care and nourishment. Oiling your hair is very important to maintain your hair’s health.

I believe self-care is the key to living a life you love.